Please, God

I’m walking through a private hell
It’s a feeling I know way too well
It’s like I’ve lost all my control
And everything that makes me whole.
Where – and who am I today
How did I fail and lose my way
What have I done to cause this pain
And how do I find me again
The me who laughed and loved so much
The me who felt God’s loving touch
I know that He is here with me
But dark clouds loom and I can’t see
And loud thoughts shout so I can’t hear
His voice I’ve always held so dear
I need his still sweet voice to say
You are still loved and you’ll be okay
But fear has gripped my heart so tight
That I can’t seem to find the light
I know it’s there above the clouds
And I can rise above the crowds
Please let the fearful clatter cease,
So I can feel Your blessed peace…

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Exciting News!!

To all my beloved friends and followers…my book “My Name is Naomi” “From Victim to Victory”is now available on Kindle, Nook, and other electronic devices for only $4.99…if you or anyone you know and love, have made unwise life decisions, have been in abusive relationships, or just want a new perspective, please read my book…my fervent desire, as with my poetry is that it can touch lives and help those who are ready…my official web site is where it’s also available in paperback…meanwhile, thank you for your love and support…with love, joy and blessings, Naomi

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Happy New Year

Lord, Thank You for a brand new year,
With all its joys and sorrows.
I walk away from yesterday,
And give You my tomorrows

With Blessings love and joy to all

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Merry Christmas

On December 25th, Christians celebrate the embodiment of the perfect Christ love by one Jesus of Nazareth, who taught during his lifetime, that we are called by our Creator to love one another, regardless of how we believe, or who we are, and that we are all children of the Universal Mind, or God.  No matter how we perceive God , how we choose to worship, or where, we are each a drop in the great sea of humanity, put here to love God first, and our brothers as ourselves….ALL, not just the lovely.  In commemoration of this Holy day for Christians, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”.  in blessings love, joy and peace to all…have a Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy new year…Naomi

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God’s Filling Station

I’d never grasped the reason why,
However how hard I may have tried,
I could not ever get it right.
My dreams did not seem to take flight.
And then, I looked inside of me.
And saw what God could plainly see.
The energy that I put out,
Was bringing fear, sadness and doubt.
My “thank you” tank was getting low,
While my “poor me” tank overflowed.
The “I love me” tank wasn’t there,
Which didn’t draw the ones who care.
I’ve asked the Lord if He’ll please fill,
The places that are empty still,
Now I will live with gratitude,
And have a brand new attitude.
I asked the Lord to “fill ‘er up”
And He has overflowed my cup.

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God’s Palette

The sky turned violet and pink.
The sun was just about to sink.
The meadows were in silhouette,
The curtain wasn’t drawn as yet.
This stunning evening island view,
Shows what God’s artistry can do.

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Give and Take

What am I drawing into my life?
Am I drawing joy or pain and strife?
My thoughts are power and energy,
To draw the things I do and see.
When I am grateful and content,
The energy is good that’s sent.
When I am sad and I complain,
I’m only drawing more of the same.
If I decide to smile today,
The sun will shine in every way.
That energy will show on me,
And others feel the joy they see.
Contentment doesn’t have to end,
We just receive the thoughts we s

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Gifts to Share

The Maker of the universe has been so good to me.
He filled my pen with colors and gave me eyes to see,
How to paint with words and rhyme, pictures I can share,
So others can see beauty in the lovely world out there.
My love for my Creator and His creations too,
Will  live and dance within these rhythms for my whole life through.

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Gift of Light

Storm clouds block the sun’s bright rays.
It seems I’m walking through a maze.
I look ahead and see a light,
That leads me from this dismal plight.
I see success and happiness,
And feel the Lord’s warm, sweet caress.
How blessed I am, now I can see,
The love God always gives to me.

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Thanking You

Blessings showered on my soul,
Make me happy – make me whole.
I have eyes that always see,
Beauty that envelops  me.
I have ears and I can hear,
The voice of those whom I hold dear.
My heart is filled to overflowing,
And my world is ever growing.
Gratitude engulfs my being,
For what I am and am not seeing.
God is working hard each day,
To show His love in every way.
I might not always see it clearly,
But I thank and love Him very dearly.

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