God’s Filling Station

I’d never grasped the reason why,
However how hard I may have tried,
I could not ever get it right.
My dreams did not seem to take flight.
And then, I looked inside of me.
And saw what God could plainly see.
The energy that I put out,
Was bringing fear, sadness and doubt.
My “thank you” tank was getting low,
While my “poor me” tank overflowed.
The “I love me” tank wasn’t there,
Which didn’t draw the ones who care.
I’ve asked the Lord if He’ll please fill,
The places that are empty still,
Now I will live with gratitude,
And have a brand new attitude.
I asked the Lord to “fill ‘er up”
And He has overflowed my cup.

About naomiwrites2

My name is Naomi and I'm a wife, mother of grown children and a grandmother/great-grandmother...I'm a singer/ writer/ artist, who wants to help others create a better life...I'm about to launch a new book...
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1 Response to God’s Filling Station

  1. BrokenPoet says:

    Naomi, this was a much needed read tonight. Thank you, my friend! Ill remember this as I lay down to sleep tonight. Ill say a prayer and wave my white flag. Surrendering control feels impossible, but in times like this (feeling down; worse than others), its necessary. Especially once I realize I don’t have all the answers….lol.

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