Please, God

I’m walking through a private hell
It’s a feeling I know way too well
It’s like I’ve lost all my control
And everything that makes me whole.
Where – and who am I today
How did I fail and lose my way
What have I done to cause this pain
And how do I find me again
The me who laughed and loved so much
The me who felt God’s loving touch
I know that He is here with me
But dark clouds loom and I can’t see
And loud thoughts shout so I can’t hear
His voice I’ve always held so dear
I need his still sweet voice to say
You are still loved and you’ll be okay
But fear has gripped my heart so tight
That I can’t seem to find the light
I know it’s there above the clouds
And I can rise above the crowds
Please let the fearful clatter cease,
So I can feel Your blessed peace…

About naomiwrites2

My name is Naomi and I'm a wife, mother of grown children and a grandmother/great-grandmother...I'm a singer/ writer/ artist, who wants to help others create a better life...I'm about to launch a new book...
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