Friends and Angels

Lord, thank You for the friends You send to brighten every day.
Some are angels in disguise to help me on my way.
Some will stay for just a while and then they must be gone,
And some will stay for all my life so I won’t feel alone.
But every friend is sent from You,  so  I  care for them as well,
And the scope of my true gratitude, mere words could never tell.

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Birthday Song

Do I have the waist that once was mine?

Can I flex both knees, my hips and spine?

‘Neath many years – all seventy-three,

Dwells the little girl who once was me.

With platinum curls, running out to play,

Who jumps and skips till the end of day,

My pace has slowed – it’s hard to see,

But the eyes of my soul see the real me.

Life’s lessons learned as wisdom grows,

Amid our earthly highs and lows.

If we learn the most important thing,

We gain the best that life can bring.

Do we love all others as we should?

Do we always give all that we could?

When we do these things as we are called,

We love the God who made us all!

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When we are in a valley,
The mountains look so high,
It seems that we can’t make it through,
Unless somehow we fly.
We have a loving, caring God who will supply us wings,
Take the burden from our hearts and give us songs to sing.
His loving gentle voice tells us that if we hold on tight,
We will soar above the clouds, and through the darkest night.

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Flow Gently

Do not struggle against the tide, but let it carry you.
While drifting down the river of life, it’s the only thing to do.
If you try to swim the other way, you end up standing still.
To ride the current the way it goes, it takes you where it will.
The river knows life’s pathways well, and what’s the safest way,
To get you where you need to be, each hour and every day.
So just relax and take the path that’s stretched before your eyes,
And thank the Lord, Who made it all, and He will deem you wise.

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Faith and Joy

Blessings come from everywhere as long as we believe,
For when our faith goes out from us, that’s when we receive.
The energy that we emit, God gathers  in His hand,
And puts all things in motion – our wish is His command.
His power’s all-encompassing – His love has no end,
He is our creator, but also our best friend.
When we are sad or angry, that goes out as well,
God gathers it and He is sadder than my words can tell.
Our thoughts provide the building blocks that God makes into things,
And when they’re filled with faith and love, what joy to Him that brings.

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Words of Hope

Let me wrap my words ’round you and soothe your heart that breaks.
I have been where you are now and I can feel your ache.
The same God that created you, constructed me as well,
You’re here because He loves you, and He gave me words to tell.
The courage to move on in life has been there all along,
You can be in that safe place where none can do you wrong.
Understand your value, to the Maker of us all,
Give yourself permission to love you and stand tall.
God is dwelling in your heart His power to instill,
He wants you to have peace and love, but only if you will.
The power to have all you want is right within your hand,
If you believe that God can help, your wish is His command.
His hand is there – reach out for it and hold on very tight.
Know a shining day of hope, will transform your darkest night.

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Earth Song

The song of the earth is clear and sweet,
The hum of the bee, the raindrop’s beat.
The chattering squirrel, the wind’s sad wail,
Your computer signals “you’ve got mail”
The voice of that special one you love.
The thunder rumbles from above.
It’s in the quiet that we can hear,
The voice that tells us love is near.
That guiding voice that’s always there,
All composed by a God who cares.

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Dusty Dreams

We do not live without our dreams.
We just exist – or so it seems.
Our thoughts create reality,
For all of us – for you and me.
When life goes well, our dreams can soar,
And good emotions feed on more.
But when we’re sad and lose our hope,
we’re stuck in darkness, and we grope,
Looking for our smiles and joy,
As a child who lost his favorite toy.
If we dare look inside of us,
Among the cobwebs and the dust,
We’ll find the happiness we lost,
Exactly where it  last was tossed.
You see, it’s been there all along,
Now go and sing a happy song.

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Welcome Sun

Today you’re  shining on my day.
Welcome sun – you’ve been away.
You always fill my life with light,
And make my day seem somehow right.
You warm my skin and make me smile,
But I haven’t seen you for a while.
You show your face and then you hide,
This takes my emotions for a ride.
I hope that soon you’ll come to stay,
It makes me sad when you’re away.

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Dear God

Reflecting on the life I’ve lived,
A little take – a lot of give.
The lessons that seemed hard to bear,
Looking back I see You there.
Puting people in my way,
To watch out for me every day.
You’ve led me through the storms of life,
When my own choice had caused me strife.
You’ve always loved me, this I knew,
Even when I turned my back on You.
You caught me every time I’d fall,
To You my thanks – to You  my all.

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